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Extreme folks don’t sing and move, isn’t that right? Hold tight, Captain Virat Bakshi, the contentious hero of Holiday, isn’t your normal activity legend.

He is a great deal more than only a man in military uniform. Kick-boxer, sharpshooter, artist, spy: he can get to be what he wills.

Yet, one thing he absolutely isn’t is a tinker. Half-measures certainly aren’t his scene.
He is a strong superhero prepared to put all invulnerable superheroes in the shade.
In the city that never rests, he jumps before he supposes and pulls off demonstrations of outlandish derring-do, not a hair strange.

He defeats, beats, outguns and outpunches everybody that comes in his direction, and this when he is home on a holiday from outskirt conflicts. Envision how intense this extraordinary man would be on the war zone!

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